About owner

Hi, we are Manami (from Kyoto, Japan) and Einar (from Iceland), a couple who love living in this charming city Kyoto.

We have travelled extensively ourselves and it has been our dream to open a guesthouse to welcome other travellers. Drawing on our own experiences, we did our best to provide our guests with comfort, convenience, and cosy atmosphere while balancing it with our own ecological policy to minimise plastic and disposable materials.

Einar did a lot of carpentry work himself during the renovation, and Manami made the Japanese gardens and organised the interior decorations.

Not only giving you a warm welcome in person on your arrival, we are happy to assist further your trip whenever needed during your stay. We hope we can help to make your stay in Kyoto a special and memorable experience.


About Murasakino Guesthouse

Murasakino Guesthouse is estimated to have been built in 1930 (oldest registration record found in the local bureau) and preserves many essential elements of its traditional architectural style until today.

Officially certified by Kyoto city

We have got an official accommodation business licence by complying with the government’s legal requirements, and have fulfilled the conditions to be approved by Kyoto city as a "Machiya (townhouses built before 1950 in a traditional wooden shaft assembly method which original structures have mostly remained unchanged until present day)".

Features of a Machiya house

tokonoma marumado

Machiya is typically very narrow in front despite having large depth towards a backyard at the end of the house (because tax was determined according to the frontage size once upon a time). The interior typically consists of ”Tatami mat (straw mat) floors”, exposed wooden pillars, earthen walls, sliding doors, as well as "Tokonoma (decoration space to display art or seasonal flowers)".

Because Kyoto is surrounded by mountains, its climate can be very hot and humid in summer, while freezing cold in winter. Machiya is designed to take in the flow of the wind into the house for summer. Multiple layers of sliding doors are to moderate the temperature inside by seasons. The materials used in Machiya (e.g. earth, wood, straw, paper…) are exclusively organic and their breathable function is to adjust the humidity inside the house. Wisdom and ingenuity of people in the old days are so admirable and it is pleasant and healthy to live in such an ecological house.


However, the disadvantage is that traditional houses tend to be colder in winter compared to modern houses with insulation. Murasakino Guesthouse provides multiple heating items (both modern and traditional) for the comfort of our guests. Especially Kotatsu (heating low-table with futon) and Hanten (Japanese traditional indoor cotton jacket) are very popular for our guests. Hope this could be a part of the charm of Machiya experiences, in case you stay with us in winter.

Our dream is to give guests dreamlike experiences

Various renovations have been made to make it as comfortable and convenient as possible for our guests, but always keeping in mind using traditional natural material to preserve the atmosphere of a Machiya house.

Many books are provided instead of TV that guests can learn about Kyoto and Japanese cultures. The house is decorated all over by antique furniture, handmade items, traditional arts and flower arrangement. Fully equipped kitchen and modern facility for guests’ convenience. Two small gardens in the front and back of the house to enjoy nature view while relaxing in the guesthouse and sipping a cup of tea or coffee (both which are provided free of charge).

Machiya houses, despite their status as part of Japan's cultural heritage, have undergone rapid decline in numbers in recent decades in Kyoto, with many being demolished in order to provide space for new buildings. Our goal is to help preserve these wonderful buildings and offer ours to guests to experience staying in a real Machiya in Kyoto.

Guest reviews

Messages from guests in our guestbook

It was wonderful staying in this beautiful house. I spent a lot of time here writing, and got such pleasure from being inside here. It’s really extraordinarily beautiful, and thoughtfully arranged.
Lisa (on business trip to attend an academic conference) (Massachusetts USA), December 2019
Dear Einar, Manami, Kai & Mei,
Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful Kyoto home with us. We love the style and atmosphere of the home. Your gardens are true inspiration especially in these beautiful autumn colors. Thanks again for your hospitality, we felt at home immediately, including Amy, our 1 and half y.o. daughter.
We hope to someday visit you again.
Kevin, Sashin & Amy (NETHERLANDS), November 2019
Einar and Manami,
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us. We had a great stay in Kyoto and loved our time here. Your attention to detail and ways you’ve made the home so comfortable while keeping it traditional are very impressive. We hope to see you again one day, and congratulations on your growing family!
Brooke & Chris (California, USA), October 2018
Thank you so much for letting us stay at this beautiful house! I frankly didn't want to leave this place because it's so wonderful. Thank you for this experience.
Kind regards,
Amber & Ruben (NETHERLANDS), March 2019
Dear Manami + Einar,
Thanks for a lovely time in Murasakino. Your attention to detail in your dreaming house could not be faulted. Every little thing was just so!
As I watch the rain falling on maples, I can reflect on a beautiful sunny stay in Kyoto, where we managed to stay away from the crowds (mostly) and revisit our favourite temple in all Japan – Ryogen-in Zen temple in the Daitoku-ji across the road. Many thanks.
Philippa + James (UK), June 2019
Dear Manami, Einar and Kai,
We have once again enjoyed our time in Kyoto and staying at you beautiful Murasakino Guesthouse. The enhancements to the guest house since our last visit are great. We have again felt so comfortable and at home here which has made our return trip to Kyoto so special. We look forward to hearing your future news, very exciting times ahead.
Best regards, Jill & Trevor (second stay) (NEW ZEALAND), May 2018
P.S. We look forward to returning once again.
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us. we loved the house, the area and the people! Thank you Kai for sharing your toys with Charlie. Such wonderful hospitality - we will be recommending your lovely place to our friends
Aimee, Norm + Charlie (aged 1) (NEW ZEALAND), March 2018
Dear Manami, Einar and Kai,
Thank you very much for the wonderful stay! You made us feel more than welcome and made our first trip to Japan very, very special! I hope we can see each other soon, maybe in Canada ... OBRIGADO!
Fabio & Anderson (BRAZIL & CANADA), July 2018
Tomoki & Seiko with 2 children (aged 1 & 4) (JAPAN), November 2016
しかも、今回の京都旅では、ニュージーランドから受け入れた15歳の女の子とともに訪れる機会に 恵まれたので、古き良き日本の空気というものに触れることができたのも、自分達にとって良い経験になったと思います。このままのスタイルで、日本のよさ、京都の良さを伝えていってほしいなと思いました。赤ちゃん、おめでとうございます。とても良い時間をありがとうございます。これからも、頑張ってください!!
Kiyomi (a couple with their 2 girls and a homestay girl from NZ aged 15) (JAPAN), October 2017
家族3人でのんびり過ごせました。まるで自分のうちのようにリラックスできて、とっても良かったです。こたつも、子どもにも良い経験をさせることができました。京都で暮らしているような、楽しい体験をしました。ありがとうございました! 是非また遊びに行きます。
Arakawa (a couple with a boy aged 12) (JAPAN), February 2017

Guest reviews

delightfully cosy and traditional home.

“This is a gorgeous home. Very traditional and the attention to detail was astounding. We absolutely loved our stay there. Our three children just loved the experience of staying at a ryokan. It was toasty warm in January and the property had a washing machine and well equipped kitchen and bathroom facilities. Two huge bedrooms upstairs, one with tatami style bedding and the most comfortable bed of our Japanese holiday in the other bedroom. The house was a cosy pleasure to come home to after strolling around Kyoto. Bus stops nearby very easy to navigate and many supermarket style shops close by to stock up on snacks and groceries if needed. Staying here was one of the highlights of our Japanese holiday.”
Ann (AUSTRALIA), January 2020

Perfect stay for a quiet yet immersive getaway in Kyoto, Japan.

“Loved all of the small attention to detail like the authenticity of the furniture and accessories so true to traditional Japanese culture. Modern additions to the home such as heating/AC and modern bathroom facilities helped make our stay very comfortable. The home was located in a very quiet and safe neighborhood. Einar gave us a thorough and helpful walkthrough of the home upon our arrival.”
Ana (US), May 2018

A taste of Japan in a traditional house, cosy and stylish

“An old Japanese house renovated to a high standard, very stylish, antique furniture, residential area with shops and restaurants, close to interesting shrines....what else ?”
Bernard (FRANCE), May 2018

Super good experience

“Love the rooms which can bring you back to the old time of Japan. The sweetest thing is the super friendly owner prepared 2 small bicycles for the kids as well, so the whole family can ride around the city which was the best day of the whole Japan trip.”
Qingwang (AUSTRALIA), February 2019
“Einar was a fantastic host who went above and beyond to make sure we had a great stay. We felt like we were living like the locals! Highly recommend!”
Molly (US), November 2018

A lovely house to live like a local

“We loved living in a traditional Japanese house in a quiet area. Our host Einar was most welcoming and gave us a lot of information about the facilities, how to travel on buses and so on. Our hosts had also made a folder with plenty of useful information about the neighbourhood. The house itself was well-equipped with everything we needed. Thanks to Einar & Manami!”
Marjaliisa (FINRAND), October 2018

Stay there if you want to experience what a life in traditional Japanese house feels like.

“This is an authentic traditional Japanese house in Kyoto and staying in a place like that can become a highlight of your trip. Location is super, we were able to thoroughly explore Daitokuji and go there early in the morning or in the evening when there were literally no one there. Other famous spots like Kinkakuji, Ryoanji, Myoshinji are also close by. Last but not least, the attitude of hosts was very friendly and helpful too.”
Dmitry (RUSSIA), January 2019
“1. The location and surrounding areas make me feel like a local during my stay there. Several supermarkets and public hot bath nearby. 2. Einar and Manami prepare everything we need, especially useful information about surrounding areas. 3. The house is amazing, strongly recommend to anyone who would like to experience a short stay in a traditional Japanese house.”
Yu-Tien Juan (TAIWAN), November 2017
“Beautiful Japanese house. Very clean & in a lovely quiet neighbourhood. Was a perfect retreat”
Rachael (AUSTRALIA), October 2018

Excellent place to stay to experience a traditional Japanese house!

“We were staying with as four people and a young child. The house was very comfortable, clean and we enjoyed ourselves.”
Eve (SINGAPORE), January 2020
“This is a wonderful Japanese house that makes you feel like home. So beautiful and comfortable. I love this house so much. Highly recommend especially family”
Kukkik (THAILAND), October 2018

Quaint characteristic Japanese property

“Futons were lovely and the authentic Japanese dining room was a great experience.”
Susan (UK), April 2019
“Great place near the Zen gardens. This is just the perfect spot to live Japanese style in Japan.”
Olivia (SINGAPOLE), August 2018
“Fantastic stay in Kyoto. Super clean, home like, neighborhood is really quiet as well.”
Suyu Li (US), June 2018

Lovely suburban life

“Wonderful to stay in an ordinary house in a nice suburb to appreciate the everyday life of people. The host provided information about local attractions, eating places and facilities to enhance the community experience. Enjoyed it all.”
Johann (CANADA), April 2018


Yoko (JAPAN), November 2018


“一軒家をまるごと貸切でき、暮らすように過ごせた贅沢な滞在でした!部屋の至る所に季節の花々が生けられ、季節の掛け軸、アンティークの箪笥、竹で作ったペン立てやタオルかけなど、昔ながらの日本を感じられる美しいしつらえも素敵でした。 また、こたつや畳など普段我が家にはない雰囲気が子供達も楽しかったようで、ここに住みたい!とお気に入りでした。 掃除もとても行き届いていて、小さな子どもがいても安心できるほど清潔でした。 オーナーの心遣いも素晴らしく、お願いする前に、小さな子供の為の安全対策やオモチャの準備までしていただきました。 周りの環境も、銭湯がいくつもあり、朝ごはんが楽しめるカフェもあり、子供が喜ぶ交通公園など観光地の京都ではなく、生活が息づく京都が楽しめます。 京都でビジネスホテルに泊まるなんてもう出来ません。 またぜひ再訪したい旅館です!”
Noriko (JAPAN), March 2018
H.K. (JAPAN), October 2018
Taichi (JAPAN), August 2018


“古い日本家屋ですが、とても落ち着きます。 オーナーさんのきめ細やかな対応が、初めての訪問地でも安心感を与えてくれ、宿周辺が自宅近くのように 感じられました。”
Yuki (JAPAN), March 2019


Haru (JAPAN), September 2019
Jie (CHINA), December 2017
Xiaoyue (CHINA), March 2019
Wenguang Yuan (CHINA), March 2018
XiaoWei (CHINA), December 2018
Jing (CHINA), October 2018
“非常的漂亮 離金閣寺跟大德寺很近 建築很古老但是浴室跟廁所很新 非常舒服乾淨”
Yueling (TAIWAN), June 2019
WenJing (CHINA), August 2019
J.Y. (CHINA), August 2019
“Maison traditionnelle très agréable et parfaitement équipée. Propriétaires très accueillant et disponibles.”
Delphine (FRANCE), August 2018

Zum Wohlfühlen

“Ein wunderbar persönlich und geschmackvoll ausgestattetes Haus. Gut ausgestattete Küche, neues japanisches Bad. Gastgeber sehr hilfsbereit!”
Martin (GERMANY), October 2019