Murasakino Guesthouse

Murasakino Guesthouse is located in the north part of the city in a peaceful residential area, away from the busy city centre. We are close to Daitokuji temple and Kinkakuji temple (Golden pavilion). Easy access to most of major sightseeing spots in Kyoto from nearby bus stop and station.
Access from the Nearest Transport (pdf)

Access from Kyoto Station



From the bus terminal on the north side of Kyoto Station
No.9 (30 min ride), Bus stop “下鳥田町 Shimotorida-cho” + 5 min walk.
No.206 (40 min ride), Bus stop “大徳寺前 Daitokuji-mae” + 5 min walk.
¥230 per person


Karasuma line, bound for “Kokusai kaikan”.
Get off at “北大路 Kitaoji Station” + 12 min walk from exit 2, or take a taxi for a short ride from exit 6.
¥260 per person for subway (¥530 - 750 for a taxi ride if needed.)


From the taxi stand on the north side of Kyoto Station,
18-20 min ride, about ¥2000 – 2500 (depends on traffic and a taxi company)
Telling the taxi driver only the guesthouse name or address is not always enough for them to find us easily. We will send you a Japanese text and map to show to your taxi driver after you have made a booking.
Access from Kyoto Station (pdf)

Access from Kansai Airport


taxiRoute A : Airport shuttle taxi (Door-to-door shared ride)

■ Travel time

2.5 hours to Murasakino Guesthouse

■ Fare

¥4,300 per person (discounts for family, for group, for return trip are applicable)

■ Reservation

Phone : +81-75-778-5489 (English speaking staff is available)
Online : MK TAXI Skygateshuttle (KYOTO)
Guesthouse address :
(Japanese) 603-8216 京都市北区紫野門前町 44-10
(English) 44-10 Monzen-cho, Murasakino, Kita-ku, Kyoto, Japan 603-8216

trainRoute B : Limited Express Haruka (No reservation required)

■ Travel time

75 minutes to Kyoto Station

■ Fare

¥2,900 (free of charge for Japan Rail Pass holders.)

■ Time table

Departure every 30 minutes

busRoute C : Limousine bus (No reservation required)

■ Travel time

100 minutes to Kyoto Station

■ Fare

¥2,600 (Return ticket ¥4,260, valid within 14 days)

■ Time table

Departure every 20 minutes

■ Note

*Limousine bus arrives at the south side of Kyoto Station. If you take Kyoto city bus to Murasakino Guesthouse, please go to the city bus terminal on the north side of Kyoto Station.
*Some of the limousine bus goes further than Kyoto Station (every 1 hour). If you take this one, please get off at “烏丸御池 Karasuma Oike” which is closer to Murasakino Guesthouse.
From “Karasuma Oike”,
take a taxi (5km, 14mins, approx. ¥1,500),
or subway to “北大路 Kitaoji Station” (¥260),
or bus No.12 from “堀川御池 Horikawa Oike” to “大徳寺前 Daitokuji-mae”
or bus No.9 from “堀川御池 Horikawa Oike” to “下鳥田町 Shimotorida-cho”.

Access from Kansai Airport (pdf)

Access to sightseeing spots

Nearby bus stop provides easy access to most of famous sightseeing spots in Kyoto.
Kyoto is also convenient to explore by bicycle, taking in beautiful sights of small streets or the riverside path.
■ 大徳寺 Daitoku-ji Temple
2 mins on foot
■ 龍安寺 Ryoan-ji Temple
5 mins by bus
■ 祇園 Gion
41 mins by bus
■ 京都市役所前 Kyoto city hall (City center)
14 mins by subway
■ 大阪 Osaka
13 mins by subway + 28 mins by JR train
■ 金閣寺 Kinkaku-ji (Golden Temple)
5 mins by bus
■ 二条城 Nijo Castle
12 mins by subway
■ 京都御所 Kyoto imperial palace
3 mins by subway
■ 伏見稲荷大社 Fushimi-inari Shrine
13 mins by subway + 5 mins by JR train
■ 奈良 Nara
64 mins by subway

*From Murasakino Guesthouse to nearby bus stop : 5 mins on foot
*From Murasakino Guesthouse to nearby subway station : 12 mins on foot

For more details, please see the PDF.

Access to sightseeing spots (pdf)

Nearby shops & services

Various shops and services to support your stay are available within a walkable distance from Murasakino Guesthouse.

For more details, please see the PDF.

Nearby shops & services (pdf)

Nearby attractions

There are various attractions around Murasakino Guesthouse that will make your stay more interesting. It is fun to take a walk in the old shopping street where you can experience life of locals and find lots of quirky cafes and restaurants.
Historical sites Daitokuji Temple and Imamiya Shrine offer magnificent buildings as well as large peaceful gardens with free entrance.
The nearby river Kamo bank is a popular picnic ground for locals to chill out. The botanical garden just across the river offers a beautiful forest and seasonal flowers along with fun playing equipment for children.
Several sento (public baths) are nearby where you can relax after exploring Kyoto. More information can be found in the PDFs below.

Recommended walk (pdf) Restaurants and Cafes
in our neighbourhood (pdf)
Public bath information (pdf)